Meera Kicked Her Mother Out Of Home

Film actress Meera’s self-created philanthropic image was torn to shreds when she ordered her aging mother Shafqat Zohar to leave her house at once, reported Instep.

According to the story the actress who was busy building a hospital on her mother’s name had a serious argument with her mom and forced her to leave the place immediately.

Meera’s poor mom, a former educational officer and three post graduate degree holder said:

“One day we were discussing a matter, on which I differed from her point of view. Suddenly she got furious and completely lost her temper. She slapped me and ordered me to leave the house immediately since she owned it.”

Well, although mom has zipped her mouth about the controversial matter but we can guess that it could be related to Meera’s marriage scandal with Captain Naveed or it could be her new friend Dr Asad who has donated $25,000 for the hospital.

Anyone can have argument with parents but it never means that they should be thrown out of their home. After being kicked out of the home Meera’s mom took shelter at imam bargah in Sheikhupura from where she later moved to her son’s home in Haroonabad.

Funnily enougy there was news that Meera got fainted during iftar time as she had been under a lot of stress. I think it wasn’t the stress but guilt for not being good to mom!