Meera is among those celebrities who is bold enough to do what she thinks. Whether it is bold or unrealistic or something else, is up to you to decide.

Most of the time she has ended screwing up things and this time she intends to interview all those men interested in marrying her.


This is not just a floating news it confirmed as the details of the event are also released. The schedule that has been released will witness her taking interviews in Karachi on the 12th February. The actress will make her way to KPK and take interviews in Peshawar on the 18th of February. The star will be interviewing Lahoris on the 23rd February and do the same in the Capital city on the 5th of March.

Meera has already started off with preparations for the interviews as the lists have been generated which has men from the age group of middle age to old age men. The list includes 39 men in total with 21 from Lahore and 11 from Peshawar. 5 people are in the list from Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of Pakistan. The list has a total of 9 widows and 2 foreigners.