Meera has caught a lot of attention through the English that seems way off the track. In her conquest to learn the language she hired a teacher but unfortunately he has called it a day after teaching her for 2 months.


The star in her capacity hired the tutor for 35000 Pakistani Rupees who can surely be now called the ex-teacher. The reason that has surfaced for the tutor quitting the job lies in the fact that Meera did not pay attention as she was mostly out of Lahore. Another one of the reasons as reported may have been the fact that whenever she talked in english to give an answer, whatever she said was totally opposite to what she wanted to say.

There are many times that can be quoted as to the time when she had problems talking in English. The star reported that her comprehending and speaking skills had improved quite a lot but now that her teacher has quit who knows what happens!

Meera’s Funny English Interview in Dubai