Mehreen Syed dropped from Bollywood film

Pakistani supermodel Mehreen Syed, who is also the CEO of International Fashion Academy Pakistan (IFAP), has been recently removed from Indian director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s latest film..

Mehreen started her career at a very young age and steadily rose to a super model status in Pakistan, becoming a hot favourite when it comes to fashion week show stoppers. She has been ranked 16th in the Hottest 50 Asian Women in the World and 10th in the World’s Sexiest Asian Women lists. Most recently, she made her acting debut with the Pakistani film Chambaili.

She was supposed to make her Bollywood debut with director and screenwriter Chauhan’s latest [untitled] film. However, she is no longer a part of the project. The director says it was tough to cope and adjust with the stress of working with an artist from all the way across the border.

“It’s unfortunate, but true. I am not working with Mehreen Syed any more in my film,” said Chauhan. “Circumstances are such that we cannot really cope with the stress of having an actor from across the border in our project.”
37-year-old Chauhan, who earlier directed an international hit Lahore, admits there was a lot of trouble when he shot the film with another Pakistani actor.

“I had a traumatic time handling various political parties when I shot with Pakistani actor Rasheed Naz. I really don’t want to go through that again. Also, Mehreen recently got married. So she’s quite taken up with her new life,” he said.

There is no question of signing another Pakistani actor to play the Lahorian character in Chauhan’s film. He hopes to find an actor who can be accommodated with the rest of the cast.
“I have to shoot with the actor in Gujarat,” said the director, referring to restrictions on Pakistani nationals in the region.

Chauhan is currently on the look-out for another girl to replace Mehreen.