Mein Bushra Promotes Domestic Violence

Yet another anguished, tortured young lady ready to spill tears and accept her fate similar to a sickeningly simpering martyr. Why is it that so many young women on our television screens are unable to stand up for themselves, believing that by accepting painful, degrading situations, they are doing their duty?

Bushra’s unfortunate situation in ‘Mein Bushra’ escalates as she handles a painful situation with the worst possible mindset. In episode 18, she gets smacked across the face by her almost second husband Shayan in a harsh manner. She was soundly asleep in the middle of the night when Shayan enters her bedroom merely to retrieve his cell phone which he had left there. Bushra wakes up and frantically starts accusing him of entering her bedroom with unchaste motives. Furious at the insult, Shayan slaps her and scathingly mutters,

“Maar se sirf bachoun ki hi nahi, kabhi kabhi baroun ki aqal bhi thikane aa jati hai”

Considering they still haven’t officially wed, it seems that Bushra will do the logical thing and walk out of this arrangement at once. Yet she sorrowfully dwells over his awful words and wrongfully believes that Shayan’s harshness was out of love and he only acted such because he couldn’t possibly bear the thought of his fiancé thinking ill of him even for a second. This violent degrading act causes Bushra to accept the proposal to proceed with the Nikkah.

A country already besieged by domestic violence due to the rigid, patriarchal society, what message must this send across to the public? That it is okay to strike your spouse and then expect her to understand that it is she and not he in the wrong? Shouldn’t the media be teaching people to stand up for themselves in the face of all violence? It doesn’t seem so.

The drama revolves around the painful life of Bushra (Mawra Hocane). Disliked by her father Nasir Sahab for making the mistake of being born a woman (he actively dislikes all his 7 daughters, fate truly has a sense of humour), Bushra manages to get hitched to a seemingly well to do, decent man Faraz. However appearances are deceiving; in order to spite his mother for refusing to let him marry someone of his choice, Faraz cruelly divorces Bushra on their wedding night. In order to hush up the scandal, the mother gets Bushra engaged to her nephew Shayan. However, unwilling to accept such a degrading situation, Bushra wasn’t optimistic about accepting the match. Unfortunately it took an even more degrading situation to make her accept. We must strive as a nation not to get influenced by such messages and seek to think with our own minds and be strong in the face of injustice.

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Author – Rabia Ahmed