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‘Mein Sitara’ a well scripted drama with a strong plot – Episode 6 Review

Mein Sitara is one of those dramas that is being televised and has been very entertaining. This episode was worth it, as it can be said to be the best of the lot till now.


Saba Qamar showed her diversity and talent with her acting in the episode and was able to catch the eyes of the audience. There was wait in motion who wanted Jharna and Surraya to bond in the same way in which they saw them bonding when Surraya was little and this episode showed all that and so much more.

During the course of the episode, Surraya’s journey was covered in detail. At the start, Jharna is seen convincing Farhad Sethi to give her a few days to groom Surraya. Farhad has the bad habit of judging people from their backgrounds. Even when Jharna suggested that he should cast Naseem in his film, his first reaction was very similar to this one. The proposal of Naseem rejected as he was too ‘bazari’ for the role. The episode mainly revolved around Surraya.

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Jharna’s relationship with Farhad is one of the good things in the serial. Being practical and very supportive she makes sure she does nothing wrong. The house, all of the financial assets and even the business is in Jharna’s name and this is the reason that she can not be sidelined. The makeup for the episode was quite impressive too as the actors were seen completely transformed. Aisha Gul had the perfect body language and expressions have brought this beautifully written character to life on screen. Aisha Gul and Saba Qamar seemed on different roads but the tides turned and the two put up and amazing show. Sitara may be on the low right now but as expected, she will be able to come out of this. She has shown a lot of enthusiasm for acting and dancing.

Farhad Sethi’s adviser/assistant Saleem has done an excellent job in acting despite the fact that he is not so important. Saleem always gives Farhad honest advice and although he works with Farhad but the level of respect for Jharna is greater. Naseem on the other hand is a bad influence and after her tries to pursue Farhad to not cast Surraya. Mikaal Zulfiqar looks inch perfect in this role. His portrayal as Farhad Sethi makes you forget every other character he has done excluding a few.

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Meera has done an amazing job in the character of Naseem Dil Ruba. She is putting the kind of performance expected from her. It has not happened now that she had a weak performance. Hassan Ahmed is another actor who is giving strong performances. Seema Taher Khan has brought out the critical thinking and strong plot even using the old kind of script. Faiza Iftikhar’s script is not just different but very well though out. The connections of the actors can easily be tracked.