Most of the times it is seen that actors now days are not able to pull of the mentally unstable roles. Most of the times the role that is portrayed is quite different from reality but when it is close to being mundane it is a sure shot treat to watch.

Nazo is one of the dramas being shown on Urdu1 that shows a girl,Nazo (Soniya Hussain) suffering mentally while living in care of her mother Tabassum (Atiqa Odho) coupled with her sister Samra (Zhalay Sarhadi). There are not usual scenes of depression but both sadness and laughter.

What is most amazing about the fact is that Soniya Hussain while playing the role pulls it off to perfection. The ways she stands, sits, talks are a sure thing not to be missed for all those who want to act. She has been a diverse actor ever since the start and this character surely backs her resume.

The directors on the other hand have been very critically about details and stuff especially when it comes to pulling of a role like this. The story not only revolves around this but there are phases of thriller when Nazo is in custody of Farid Baba. The drama kept the audience guessing where Nazo went when once she went missing.

In the ending phase of the serial, things started to unveil at quite a fast pace. Habeel witnesses her sister leaving his home taking her son after his remarks. Samra on the other hand finds it very difficult to cope with her pregnancy with Nazo around. The post birth situation rather creates a dilemma for the characters and plays a pivotal role in the relations.