The inaugural episode of the drama Mera Yaar Mila Day was televised on ARY at the start of the week on Monday. Although the poster of the drama was not too attractive and Sajjal Ali in the main role was not much of an attraction of a lot of people. However, the on screen couple of Faisal Qureshi and Sajjal seems to be good.


The first episode shows that a teacher who is Firdous Jamal lectures his students that parents should not be put in jeopardy so what people do should do it carefully. Mushq (Sajal Ali) on the other hand runs away as she does not want to marry a friend’s son of her dad. The guy she runs off with is Ahmed Ali known as Fahd.

Fahd is uncertainly when Mushq informs him of her plan and is caught up in a thought of what to do. The confusing things that occurred was that the guys speaks in Punjabi all of a sudden which seemed to be irrelevant. During the course of the episode there are some flash backs that explain how the relation between the two started and how they met. Luckily, she is brought back home when Mushq is waiting at the station after her father finds the letter through her sister. On calling cellphone of Mushq, Fahd is told that if he calls again then he would be the cause of Mushq’s death.

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The story takes a turn as Fahd decides to travel to Karachi as he is from Lahore to get her love. He tells his mother that he found a job and is going to travel to Karachi. Despite her mother being a widow it seems unjustified as to why a person would leave her mother or why would he lie to her? Nevertheless, his arrival results in him being mugged. The problem her is that it seems to skip past directly to the fact that Fahd does not have an]y address and he wants to meet her.

Daboo bhai’s entry into the drama is another thing thing which is questionable and his entry signifies that which is more of a don type.

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