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Mikaal Ziulfiqar’s wife Sara Bhatti’s creative side

We all know that stars which we see are very talented and some are also multi talented. It is very common to see that these stars who are working have wives at home that are either running the household or do nothing professionally.

However, Mikaal’s wife Sara is different from those women as she has a creative side to herself.

Lets show you how she displays her creativity:

This was and always will be my favourite shot from the batch. #saraisismikaal #artistatwork #shoot #editorial

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And then she said, "No more." That was it. #saraisismikaal #model#mua#shoot#artistatwork

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And he looked at me in shock, "After all that I did for her? After everyone I fought with? All the friends I lost? All the work I forego?" I could see his wound and my heart bled. But I just looked at him with an unrecognisable calmness, "She will bring up things that happened years ago which you never did again. She will talk about people you never spoke to because she didn't like it. She will bring up anything and everything she can because you're asking her for a reason. You know the reason. She's shown you the reason." "She wasn't in love. And no matter how much I gave her, she was still thirsty. I was never going to be enough for her." He seemed defeated. I nodded, "And that is your liberation. You are too much to be confined. You're eternal. Trying to be less than who you are is such a waste of you. She found the universe and plucked out your stars, then she washed away your galaxies and painted over your planets. And you let her. It wasn't that you weren't enough for her. You were too much for her. And her eyes were blinded by the brightness and her heart confused by infinity." From a novel I'm working on, Th Girl Who Collected Dolls. #novel#writer#artist#saraisismikaal #thegirlwhocollecteddolls

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When you're half done with the look…#lotd#hair#mua#makeup#artist#artistatwork#bts#hair#hairstyles

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