Reham Khan’s first movie for the revival of not only Pakistan cinema but also Pashto movies will witness Mishi Khan now part of it.


The movie has been talked about quite a lot and the addition of Mishi in the movie further raises the expectations. There are others stars like Ali Rehman and Bilal Ashraf already working in the project.

Mishi Khan said the following when she was asked about working in the film industry,

“It has been a great experience working in the film. Although I have made a comeback on silver screen after a long time, I am thoroughly enjoying it. We are working on a project with a modern approach with the state of the art equipment which further increases its appeal.”

Mishi remained somewhat reluctant on talking about the her role but praised it quite a lot. The movie has been shot in September and the second part of the shooting will be initiated in December. She said “As the film is about our beautiful and rich culture, it will help in showing our true image to the world.”

Mishi is currently working has a morning show hosts and many say that she is a good addition to the movie. Not only this but the movie which is being shot in locations like Swat and Northern areas of Pakistan are sure to portray a positive image of these area to people around the world.