Moomal Khalid Back To Work After Near Fatal Car Crash

It was with heavy hearts and bated breath we watched the news on the 20th of January, 2015. One of our favorite actresses, the beautiful and talented actress and fashion model Moomal Khalid was declared to be in a terrible car accident.

After being rushed to the intensive care unit, doctors announced that she was extremely lucky to have made it alive even though she suffered a large amount of injuries. A close source revealed to a newspaper,

“Moomal is lucky to be alive. It could have been a different story”.

Alas, tragedy still managed to brush its wings on the ill-fated incident, Moomal Khalid’s fiancé Shahzeb Magsi was tragically killed in the accident. Medics declared that Magsi was killed on the spot when the impact occurred. The couple was allegedly driving to the airport with Magsi in the driver seat when the accident occurred. Sources are unclear as to who the people in the other car were and what the extent of their injuries were. Both cars suffered immense damage in the process, with the driver’s side being completely ripped off the vehicle while the passenger side got extremely damaged as well. The other car was also extremely damaged.

Pictures emerged recently of the injured actress and we are happy to announce she is looking well. Moomal was all set to get back to work on Valentine’s Day on her Karachi based upcoming drama ‘Ashiq Hussain’. Sources reveal her energy is restored and she’s all set to return to work. The textile design student started her career with drama ‘Rukhsar’ and got many modeling jobs since then, we sincerely hope and pray she makes a full physical, mental and emotional recovery.
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on