More Marriage Tales With Hum TV’s ‘Nikah’

Another day, another ‘doosri shaadi’ drama on Hum TV. We have witnessed over emotional, filmy dramas about second marriages so often we may as well be experts on bigamy. The abusive marriage, the love-struck couple, the wailing mother-in-laws; it should seem as if we have seen enough, but Hum TV doesn’t think so!

‘Nikah’, alas seems to be treading down the same road, shadowing its overdramatic ancestors revolving around second marriages. Directed by Ahmed Bhatti and written by Nasir Hussain, the show runs every Sunday at on our favorite Hum TV.

The plot revolves around two cousins, Rohail and Ayesha, bound in wedlock during their school days. The story unfolds with Ayesha diligently writing away in her diary; pleading to Rohail to please return from the U.S (where he went off to study and hadn’t returned for 6 years). She is in the middle of writing how the wait has become unbearable for her and how much she misses him when the phone starts to ring, causing her to snap her diary shut and rush to the telephone with undue haste. It is Rohail on the line of course. He responds with boredom and tedium as Ayesha prattles on in an overexcited manner. He finally manages to get off the phone telling Ayesha he will be calling to speak to his mother in the evening. Ayesha dutifully scuttles off to inform Tayi ammi, Shugufta (Seemi Pasha), her mother in law.

The first episode entails the close bond between two brothers, Bhai Sahb and Wajid, Rohail and Ayesha’s fathers basically; the brothers also have a sister, Shaista.


Ayesha’s father Wajid is tragically suffering from a weak heart, he is extremely worried about the fate of his loving daughter as considering his wife is also deceased, he believes she’ll be all alone with no one to look after her. Wajid implores his brother to arrange a marriage between his daughter and Rohail despite the fact both are still in school. The brother, devastated with his brother’s illness agrees to the request. Shaista is unsupportive as she wants Rohail to wed her own daughter instead of Ayesha.

As far as what the young couple thought about this predicament, the flashback showed them to be great friends, engaging in silly banter, doing each other’s homework and plying each other with chocolate! As young people, they generally enjoyed being in each other’s company without much worry. Unfortunately the announcement of their betrothal caused tension between the two; Rohail unwilling to tie the knot at such a young age with dreams of studying in the U.S clouding his vision. Ayesha on the other hand, grieved beyond belief at her father’s demise, is desperately clinging on to the fact that Rohail will be her loving spouse. Long story short, they eventually wed and Rohail takes off to pursue his education in the U.S not long after.

Back to the present

Rohail calls as he promised, but instead of reaching his mother, his father picks up and instantly starts scolding Rohail for not coming home yet. The errant son rings off without revealing the reason for his call. Despite yet another marriage tell we are still slightly intrigued at this point! The actors proved their merit by acting well and with emotion. What lies in store in Rohail’s mysterious phonecall? Stay tuned!

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Author – Rabia Ahmed