More Pakistani women in Bollywood

As time is going on, we have seen a strong shift of Pakistani actresses going to India and settling there. We don’t know if our beautiful lasses will marry Indian men, but they are relaxed and enjoying life there in Mumbai, India. Veena Malik, as close sources have informed is in India for a good 5 years, Mona Lizza now Sara Loren who has changed her name and her top movie, Murder 3 is coming out soon, is there for another 2 years as per her working Visa.

Meera will be seen in a Mahesh Bhatt movie very soon and will be in Mumbai for a year. And others like Nargis Fakri, Katrina Kaif (Closet Pakistani), Muskan Jay are making headline. Nargis however is settling down with Uday Chopra, and that marriage will be interesting!

There is only one male actor from Pakistan and that is Ali Zafar, other than that, there are no actors working in India. Comedians are doing well, but the women are enjoying more freedom, more work and more fame in India.