Plastic surgery is becoming very common nowadays and people with each passing day are getting inclined towards this. The area of cosmetic surgery turned into a big market with even more people attracted towards it. This meant that people who did not feel good about how they looked could have it operated.

Cosmetic surgery is something which can be permanent or it can also be one which wears off with time. The cosmetic surgery saw a little less use of makeup if talk about those in the elite class. There are a lot of side effects of cosmetic surgery as well and surgeries can go wrong very easily so there is a huge risk involved.

Looking young may be one of the things that they achieve but on the whole we can say that the people who go through the process are ones who lose their natural looks.

Let’s tell you about a few Pakistani celebrities who went through the process.

Mishi Khan

Mishi Khan can be said to have going through the natural process aging. However, she decided to change and give her aging self a new look. The surgery resulted in Mishi Khan looking wrinkle free but the natural thing on her face seems to have disappeared.

mishi khan2

Sidra Batool

Sidra Batool is one of those celebrities who had innocence on her face which the fans loved. However her new look, probably after surger, made her all different leaving many fans shocked.


Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik rose to fame after hit Pakistani movie ‘Kuda Ke Liye’ in which she played a character of a simple girl. Humaima was later did a Bollywood movie alongside Emraan Hashmi and we we saw her look completely changed in the film. Her lips looked more fuller and bigger in the film. Seems like she went through some minor lip job.


Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam is one of those who went on to make changes very slowly. Saadia was a fan favorite but after a few surgeries, she now looks very different facially.


Nadia Hussain

Pakistani model Nadia Hussein has changed quite a lot through the years. The cosmetic surgery she went through resulted in changes in her cheek bones, lips and nose. Her lips look a lot more fuller now and this may be the result she wanted to achieve just like all the other females who got surgeries done to get a perfect look.


Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali is the one who says that she did not get any surgeries done but it is said that she was absent from television for quite some time because the operations went wrong. However, when things got fine she appeared on television once again. Have a look at some of her before and after photos.


Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is one of the leading Pakistani actresses and she has been around for quite some time. She has performed in countless TV serials and in a couple of Pakistani films as well and work has always been appreciated. It looks like Ayesha too went under the knife to get more fuller lips and a much defined face-cut. What do you think guyz? Have a look yourself if you don’t believe us!


Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is another popular celebrity who went through plastic surgery to get bigger and fuller lips. She also got her teeth fixed to get a perfect smile. What do you think of her new look? Have a look at her photos.



Sara Loren

Sara Loren is more famously known as Mona Lisa and not only did she change her name after moving to India but also her looks. The celebrity went under the knife to get bigger and fuller lips before she kicked off her Bollywood career.


Model Sana Sarfaraz

Sana Sarfaraz is one of those Pakistani models who also went through plastic surgery to get a more slimmer and defined nose as well as fuller lips. There is no doubt that she looks more beautiful now compared to her look before the surgery. Have a look at her photos below.