It is being said the Mr.Chalo has seen a transition as Kangana Ranaut takes over from Priyanka Chopra. The project as rumors spread say that Fawad Khan will be doing romantic scenes with the actress.

This project has been in the making for quite a bit now and finally it looks it is about to kick off.


Kangana was the initial choice for the project but she backed out and Priyanki scanned through the script accepted the project working alongside Fawad. However, due to unseen circumstances which are most probably international tours, Kangana has been called upon once again.

Fawad Khan also replaces Saif Ali Khan as the director was keen on him working plus the news comes in that on offering the movie again, Kangana has accepted the offer. Fawad Khan and Kangana are surely a couple that everyone would like to watch.

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The movie is about a man who makes women fall in love and then strips then off their money.

Fawad Khan’s project comes after he has agreed to work in Kapoor and Sons. Although Fawad’s role was totally different while working with Sonam Kapoor it remains to be seen how work turns out to be.