Salman Khan‘s marriage always a hot issue in Bollywood. The same happened with Amir Khan, when asked about his dear friend Salman’s marriage, he mischievously commentted that “He didn’t listen to us, maybe he will listen to Katrina on this matter.”

Salman has a very blazing and colorful past in respect to having girl friends. He remained in news with his affair with Miss World Ashwirya Bachcan and even now on and off this news discussed in media.

A decade ago, beauty Sangeeta Bijlani, Azharuddin ex-wife, was in news with an affair with Salman Khan .

In past some years before he was linked with gorgeous Katrina Kaif but some news reveal his third time breakup. Don’t know whether the breakup news are true or just passing rumors because Katrina recently worked with Salman in latest movie ‘Ik Tha Tiger.”

Due to continuous affair news Amir khan said that he has been telling Salman to get married soon but he doesn’t listen to anybody.

In the promotional event of this movie Katrina reportedly answer a question about Salman’s marriage that Salman himself should decide about the age of his marriage.

On the issue of marriage Salman asked counter question “Is there any benefit in me getting married”
Salman’s fan are anxiously waiting to see their Bollywood “Tiger” or “Dabanng” in groom’s clothes in his real life.