Nadia Khan is a big name in the morning show industry and with the level of confidence with which she asks questions from her guests can be seen nowhere else.

Muhammad Aamir however proved to be a different guest as he answered Nadia Khan’s each question by relating it to her life. Furthermore, Aamir abstained from giving any controversial statements.

When Muhammad Aamir talked about PSL, he explained that it could not be categorized as a success or a failure. To this Nadia asked whether he had learnt all this wisdom while he was in the jail (a correctional facility) in England. His reply to this question was,

“Tough times come in everyone’s life. I am sure you have seen many tough times in your life too. Time teaches you a lot, I am sure time has taught you a great deal too. You must think some times that 5 years ago I used to do something in a wrong way.”

Interestingly, It was for the first time that someone on Nadia Khan’s show turned the tables without being too rude but by being honest.

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When Nadia said that all the cricketers were very bad actors, Aamir replied that cricketers were trained to play cricket and not do acting. He said,

“I think you have something against cricketers. We also say that actors cannot play cricket, the don’t know how to hold a bad or throw a ball. It is the same with us!”

On Nadia’s statement that cricketers should only be rewarded for good performances and their wages should be low,

Aamir said:

“Then Nadia Khan should only be paid well too when her show is up to the mark otherwise she should not be paid.”

Watch a clip of the interview:

Credits: Geo