It is coming to the attention of many that Ayesha Sana was at the end of personal attack by her husband. Ayesha was going through a marriage trouble at the time when she was shooting for a show and she started screaming in anger at the crew.

The host said that she was under a lot of pressure from her husband and that he is responsible for all that happened.

Here is what she said:

“They had bought extra tapes to make these which is appalling because at that time PTV didn’t even have enough tapes to record the show itself,” she said. “PTV is a state organisation and a national asset. No one can use it or abuse it! It’s a crime to use government property for settling personal disputes.”

However, the star tried to be the bigger one as she tried to seek forgiveness rather than trying to give any excuses for what she did.

“People do like my work and if I made a mistake and something was taken out of context, please forgive me. “The situation did do me well in a way. As in if the social media generation didn’t know of me before, it does now. The person who did it wanted to ruin me. Instead, it worked in my favour.”

She had this to say to the celebrities who copied her as a funny video,

“Asim Yar Tiwana made a video but he is one of my best friends. Even Humaima Malick and Ali Saleem made Dubsmash videos and if Ali needs me to make a comeback, I take it as a compliment!”

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