Mystery In Upcoming Pakistani Movie 8969 Starring Saba Qamar

8969 is a murder mystery that revolves around a true story. The fact that initially rumors were being circulated with regards to the movie being shelved. When instances like failed relationships and disagreements occur they result in the film being shelved and not reaching the final end user which is the cinema.

How many times have we seen the release of a poster or a trailer that creates a huge buzz and then eventually it dies a sudden and immediate death only because at the end of it all the movie did not make it to the cinema.

Azeem Saajjid’s movie also ended up creating similar news. It was being circulated that the director is not able to showcase the movie for a variety of reasons and hence the fact that it is finally going on the floor and being marketed is evidence that these rumors hold no truth or honesty.

Saba Qamar is all set to make an impact with an item number in the movie. The fact that this song; “Mastani” is taking place is clearly something that has been decided before hand.

The movie’s trailer was released last year and the movie is said to hit the screen in cinemas soon.
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on