Nadia Khan was recently invited as a guest in Dawn News’ talk show hosted by Ali Saleem and also on Sanam Baloch’s show Shan-e-Sehar.


Few months ago Nadia Khan left her Morning Show on Geo saying that she had a back ache which did not allow her to continue hosting the show.

In her recent interview, Nadia Khan revealed the reason behind leaving her morning show. Nadia shared that the hectic travelling and back spasm were the main reasons why she left the show.

She said,

“I don’t want to do regressive shows which takes people 100 years back in time! The totkay and petty problems like how to make your skin fair are not the most important issues in life. I am done with all this, I refuse to support this format of Morning Shows.”

Watch the video to see what she said:

Credits: Ary News