Well we all know that money has become an important part of everyone’s life and why not? Luxurious life is something everyone hopes for.

We have shown on countless times that Nadia Khan is upfront in revealing a lot of things about people in the media.

This may not be a bombshell but is not less as well as she revealed the money guests are paid to come on morning shows.

Nadia explained on her show that in the past when we used to do shows in Dubai, guests were never paid. They used to come on shows because they liked to appear on shows, not just my show but on every show.

Now when people ask me why same guests come again and again on different shows i must explain people why this happens because it is bothering them.

Nadia further explained;

Morning shows have become a commercial business not just for the hosts but for the guests too. They get paid 2 lac, 3 lac, 4 lac (depends on how big the star is) for appearing on a couple of shows in a month compared to the payment they get after doing a complete drama serial that takes a lot of time and for which they have to wait till the end of the serial to get paid.

This has become a source of bread and butter for these celebs who appear again and again on morning shows so they prefer to appear on maximum morning shows to get the most out of it. Life has become so tough and expenses have raised so height that artists have no choice but to do this, and anyone given this chance would do this there is nothing wrong with this.

Nadia further added ‘But yes there one drawback to all of this is that guests are being overexposed and hosts have nothing new to ask them’. This is the reason why the standard of the morning shows is declining day by day unfortunately.

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