Famous Pakistani actress and morning show host Nadia Khan has divorced her husband and he has refused to accept. According to the Islamic law a wife can demand for the divorce, but never divorce her husband.

The Nadia Khan husband Khawar Iqbal has challenged the marriage certificate in the court, saying that the wife can’t give divorce to her husband according to the Islamic law. She had put a provision in the marriage certificate that she can give divorce to her husband at anytime without his consent, and her husband has challenged that the provision in the marriage certificate is not according to Islamic point of view while the marriage has been done between the Muslim man and woman. It is worth mentioning here that Geo TV anchor Nadia Khan is a Muslim woman who has given the divorce to her husband i.e. Khawar Iqbal also a Muslim man.

A three members bench was constituted by the court to probe in this matter in the leadership of Justice Shahzad Sheikh. Justice Fida Muhammad Khan and Justice Arshad Jahangir were also the members of the bench.

They heard the Nadia Khan divorce case on Monday in the advocacy of of advocate Arshad Kayani, who raised the point that a woman has not the right of giving divorce to her husband in Islam. But Nadia has divorced her husband, it is what not according to the Islamic point of view. The hearing of the Nadia Khan case is postponed for an undecided period.