Objectifying women to sell their cellphones Mobilink have seen alot of criticism and so has the model, Nargis Fakhri. She appeared on the main page of a newspaper where she is seen posing in somewhat indecent manner just to market a cell phone.

One of the newspapers decided to revert on the decision of putting the add on while others said that as long as they were earning from it, it won’t be removed. Nargis had this to say in her response:

“I’ve been with Mobilink as their brand ambassador for the last three years and there has never been an issue like this. I was unaware that they would consider using this visual for a mainstream newspaper ad – an Urdu daily as it was never meant to be.”

“Culturally too, my team and I are aware and respectful of what visuals work for which mediums, markets and audiences and hence, given the brand’s firm penetration in the Pakistani market, we left it up to their expertise to use the images appropriately.”