Recently, we came to know that the famous actress of Humsafar and Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat, Naveen waqar married a renowned director, Azfar Ali. Azfar Ali is a father of two Children and was Married to Salma Married for 9 years. The divorce took place a few months back. However, Public is very upset and many of the fans of Naveen have started hating her.

Since the news of their marriage became public, many of the people stared discussing about their marriage on facebook and twitter and expressed their disappointment. People are comparing Naveen, Azfar, Salman love triangle to that of Sara, Asher, Khirad in Humsafar. Few of the comments are as under,

“She couldn’t get her way in ‘Humsafar’ with Ashar, sadly she succeeded in breaking Azfar’s family”

“Shame on you. You have got nothing by getting married to her. You just lost all your fans,” an angry fan by the name of Ambitious Jainy posted on the actor’s page.

“Naveen took her role in ‘Humsafar’ a bit too seriously. In reel life she wanted to break Ashar and Khirad’s house, and real life she broke Azfar and Salma’s house. Azfar, you are shameless…”

That Naveen is a home breaker. That she has destroyed the life of Azfar’s children. Comments like “We will never forgive her” and “how could she do this?” flooded the blogs.

Well, there are many fans who think that it is their personnel matter and people should not interrupt in their matters.

“Why are all the women crying over this issue? It’s Azfar’s life; he can marry as many women as he wants. Your useless rants can’t fix a broken home. I salute Azfar,” a supportive fan by the name of Sul Phuric Acid posted. Reacting to a post about Azfar’s marriage on Twitter, politician Sharmila Farooqi posted “Yup! Lucky guy!

The Express Tribune tried to talk to all all three of the parties involved. But they cannot contact Naveen, Azfar refused to comment while Salma was reluctant to share information due to the sensitivity of the matter.

There have been wars of comments on them, since their marriage. However, The delicate Naveen in interviews came across as quite the opposite of the psychotic Sarah……calm, elegant, pleasant. the proverbial “nice girl”.

But, we must think before saying. Why is it so when some one become celebrity, everything about them becomes entertainment? Do we know about the reality? Are we aware of the whole matter? Do we know the cause behind Salma and Azfar divorce? Is it really our business and position to judge and belittle someone’s choices? Why we try to walk in the shoes of any party?

In the end, I would say that the golden rule of course is to

leave alone matters that we don’t concern us.