Neelam Munir Wants To Work In Bollywood Films

Another popular Pakistani small screen star who will soon be seen making a buzz in the entertainment industry with her decision of venturing into films and that too across the border is none other than the raging beauty Neelam Muneer.

That’s correct! Although the Mere Meherbaan starrer says that nothing is confirmed yet but she gave a hint that she will be taking up the Bollywood offer soon.

Recently, the entertainment section of an Udru daily published a news story saying Muneer said quits to a Pakistani movie for the sake of an Indian movie. Deeply irked over the sleazy headline, Muneer cleared the air about about why she said no to Sangeeta Ji’s upcoming production ‘Miss You Hamesha’.

She confirmed that it wasn’t because of the Bollywood movie she disassociated herself from the forthcoming movie.

“Mujhe lag raha hai hai mai koi sipahi hun jo apne watan ke saath ke gaddari ker rahi hun,’ said the actress in a jovial tone while referring to the news snippet in the Udru newspaper.

“A lot of my commitments were getting delayed because of Apa’s movie. Also, she couldn’t even find the right actor to play the male lead of the movie which was causing a lot of complications. Therefore, I decided to be vocal about it and told her about siding ways with her movie.”

Eager to know about what’s on the cards for her next, we asked Muneer about who she would like to work with in B-town. Very carefully manipulating our question, she told us that she hasn’t thought about that yet but she loves watching movies starring SRK and Ranbir Kapoor. Does it give us a hint? Sure does!

We also asked the actress about the kind of role she would like to play on the silver screen. Sounding very confident about her acting prowess, Muneer replied that although she can play any kind of character with with ease, it’s the emotional role she is best at.

Currently seen in Bojh airing from Geo and Rang Laaga from ARY Digital, the actress also revealed the two criteria which will make her say yes to a movie across the border.

“The story should be good and so should be the hero.”