New Drama Serial Zid Is Unique and Worth Watching

Going against the typical scenarios of browbeaten, blushing young girls so soft spoken that even a shout is whispered; Saman (Maya Ali) seems to be taking a stand for her misrepresented gender. Rarely are opinionated, loud spoken females accepted in our society; females who simply do not stand for any rubbish that attempts to come their way.

Saman is strong-willed and determined, and having already frightened off two fiancés as well as a potential rishta, her orthodox parents are at their wits end. Saman rightfully believes that she is intelligent and self sufficient enough to be independent, but again this is not a notion our judgmental society will condone.

Playing every Sunday, 8pm sharp, Saman’s rebellious quest continues till the final episode where her aunt (Appo) manages to haul in yet another tentative proposal, a well brought up young man from the US who goes by Umer.

Comically, Saman’s family is so terrified of her baring her claws and frightening away yet another potential match that they resolve to keep her as far away from young Umer as possible till the wedding bells are soundly ringing. Appo is so determined in this quest that she moves into Saman’s room to keep a watchful eye on her, using the sugar coated excuse that as Saman is moving so far away, she must spend some quality time with her ‘darling’ niece whom she utterly adores even though in reality she is rather coldly indifferent towards her.

Everyone strongly insists that Saman continues her office work and spends the rest of her time resting her weary, fragile bones.

Appo: “meri bachi ghar me bethe bethe ghabra jaegi, dil ooncha nicha hoga uska, aray kaam mei lagi rahegi tou uska waqt bhi acha katt jaega”

Saman’s mother:” jao Saman tum rest karlo, office se aayi ho na thaki hui hogi, shabash”

Poor Omer’s mother misunderstands all these manipulative motives, believing that Sanam is conventional and old fashioned, completely complying to her traditional parent’s wishes of remaining at a distance at the fear of appearing indecent. The household is painted in a virginal, white glow where nothing can possibly go wrong. Little does the poor woman know!
Naushaba, Saman’s friend is utterly mystified however, at Saman’s strange acceptance of this otherwise, highly demeaning situation. She indifferently claims that by complying, she will be free of her parent’s shackles and who doesn’t love a US visa thrown into the mixture?

Saman still, is unwilling to begin a lifetime with Omer based on lies and deceit and tries her level best to get some time alone with him, alas, it is to no avail thanks to her loving Appo.

When the day of wedding bells and glittering shells finally approaches, to the part in the Nikkah, where you tearfully declare ‘I Do’, Saman soundly declares “Mujhe yeh nikah qabool nahi hai!”

What will happen next? We’re as excited and dumbfounded as you. Stay tuned.
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Author – Rabia Ahmed