Sanam Jung took a break from her morning show and when news broke that she did it for marriage, there was a buzz everywhere. People from all around the country eagerly awaited what she would say once she would come back and share her experiences.

When she finally made it back, she shared all the details about her marriage and is continuing to do so until now.

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She tells people about her experiences and we have seen that she constantly emphasizes the fact that she can not cook.

Lets see what she had to say about food:

“Many people are scared of father in laws but my father in law is really cool. There is no formality at all. I ate whatever I wanted to on the table and filled my plate as many times as I wanted and no one had a problem with it.”

Like many people Sanam also has some moments that can be said as being embarrassing but she explains that her mother in law just laughs them off.

“My in laws don’t expect me to do any work. If I try to be a good bahu by bringing plates or passing on things, they keep on telling me to sit down and take it easy.”

Watch the video to see what she had to say

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