In a country which is dominated by men and also a cricketing nation, Sania was able to get herself out of this thinking and became one of the highest paid athlete in India for her tennis.

Talking about the forever hovering relation with her husband, Shoaib Malik who is a Pakistan cricketer, Sania said,

“This marriage was not for the sake of India or Pakistan or for any mutual relationship between the countries, but it was for them, We both fell in love,” she said. ‘No one has the right to ask me what happens in my bedroom’

Sania also revealed that she does not like the fact that people ask her personal questions about when to start a family. She things that is something which is upto her and something she doesn’t like discussing. Further talking about her marriage, Sania said:

“Sports has always been very close to my family’s hearts. It was both my parents who supported me for playing tennis at the age of 6, but prominently it was my mother who physically practically took me to the tennis court.”

Sania also revealed that she was at the end of such fame when she finally was able to establish herself as the champion of tennis court. “A lot of the time people and media don’t realize that it’s very difficult for an 18, 19 or even a 30-year-old to deal with stuff that is written about you all the time, good or bad,”

Talking about the controversies that rise up every now and then regarding man and woman, she said “I don’t think I would be the star I am If I was any different and I wouldn’t change that, I do think that we do live in a man’s world.”

“Sometimes when you are a woman, you have to fight a lot harder for the things you want. It has nothing to do with India. It has nothing to do with this side of the world. It’s to do with the world.”

Controversies due to her being a public figure, Sania said, “If a woman does say about that this is how I feel about it, she is either labeled as a rebellious woman or she is labeled as too outgoing or too career minded, but there are no such words for men. When a man wants to go and achieve something, he is labeled as so ambitious.”