Fawad Khan is not only hot but also among the multi talented celebrities in Pakistan. With the talent that he possess, he has been able to establish himself in Bollywood as well. It is something which is natural that with the fame that he has, his wife might not like it or be jealous.


But in response, he had this to say: “Are you trying to ask whether my marriage is falling apart? The reason my wife Sadaf is so secure is that she knows that a person like me will never be able to find another partner in life.”

Regarding affairs with any person he had this to say:

“Possibilities of affairs? No one would like to have an affair with me. I am just good for conversation. That is all I am good for. Jokes apart, honestly, even if you were a banker or a lawyer such insecurities exist for any couple around the world. That can happen at any stage and can happen as harmlessly as when you attend a dinner party and someone talks to you.”

Fawad furthermore said that he had fights with his wife but the reason weren’t any other girl.

“When I see attention being given, I am happy. But when I see extra attention being given, I don’t like it. I am possessive that way and I expect her to be that way as well. But it has not happened to an extent that it has interfered with our relationship. We do fight but that happens in every relationship. There are several excuses to fight. But we have been going strong. We have gone through that patch after which life cannot be restarted. We are happy. We are both lazy to restart things. So the issue never comes up. It is a chilled dynamic between us,” he said.

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