Numm – The Most Disappointing Drama of Fawad Khan!!

The viewers were promised that the story revolved around the tradition of Vani, which meant that the tradition and it’s outcomes will be highlighted in this show. To begin with everything seemed out of place because in reality only very young girls are given away as Vanni to old men – which makes perfect sense! Secondly, in the real world they are treated as slaves, physically abused and what not because of apparent reasons. It was very difficult to relate to Mahjabeen as Vanni because she just came across as the first wife who never got the love and attention of her husband and not really Vanni in the true sense.

Numm started off quite well – there was mystery and intrigue but now it has become another story of a man stuck between two women. The play seems to have lost its focus already and it seems like it is going to be yet another one of those plays which you watch for the sake of your favorite star, out of sheer curiosity and also in the hope that it may get better.

The promos of Numm were very enticing indeed and seemed that it was going to be a magical ride; a masterpiece but unfortunately it was all about unresolved mysteries coupled with bad editing and direction with a few rewarding episodes in between. The thought of looking forward to another play with Fawad Khan in it actually scares me because he has proved that he may be a brilliant actor but sadly he is quite capable of making very bad choices.

Guyz what do you think – Do you agree?