Shahrukh Khan is very popular among women and many might question that it is due to the fact that he has looks and charming personality that enables all of this. But let’s bring this into your notice that he is among one of the most humble people in the industry.

SRK has shown on countless occasions that he can win the hearts of many through his hosting as well as other reality appearance. The star is able to gather even more attention when it comes off screen engagements with people.

What makes his personality all the more attracting is that he has been able to bring up films that have created a place in the hearts of many people. The most notable can be like Kal Ho Na Ho and a patriotic film in which he managed an Indian hockey team, Chakde India.

This is what he had to say on the occasion of Women’s day,

“Often I wish I was a woman…then realise I don’t have enough guts, talent, sense of sacrifice, selfless love or beauty to be one. Thank you, girls”