Akshay Kumar was recently travelling from Hyderabad to Mumbai. While making his way out of the Mumbai airport, the actor was mobbed by a sea of fans, along with the media. A bunch of fans were following him and many cameras as he walked. Desperate to click one selfie with him, one fan kept walking along with Akshay, requesting him for a selfie. Akshay was in a hurry and looked absolutely not interested in talking to any one. Suddenly, one of the cameras captured that Akshay’s bodyguard slapped a fan abruptly.

The fan who got slapped was completely innocent as he was not creating any disturbance, neither he tried to touch the actor, nor pushed or shoved, and not even screamed or behaved weirdly. The only thing this fan was asking for was a quick selfie with the actor and did not deserve this kind of treatment.

Watch the video to see what happened:

Credits: Lehren TV

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