Operation 021 – Pakistan’s first spy action thriller

Pakistan’s first spy action thriller, is currently in its final stage of production with a scheduled release date of August/ September 2013.

The film, produced by One Motion Pictures, is based on a screenplay by the international award winning writer, Summer Nicks. Zeba Bakhtiar is the film’s executive producer and the lead roles are played by Aamina Sheikh, winner of the best actress prize at the New York International Film Festival, the renowned actor Shaan Shahid who has received kudos through countless Pakistani blockbusters, Iman Ali and Shamoon Abbasi.

The film features songs by legendary Pakistani singer Rahet Fateh Ali Khan. The soundtrack includes three original songs and three remixes.

Here is the trailer of this film that was released very recently:

One Motion Picture is Pakistan’s first production company that is solely dedicated to producing feature films. Under the leadership of its President Zeba Bakhtiar and CEO Azaan Sami Khan, One motion picture strives to produce Pakistani films of a global standard and aspire to make Pakistan an equal contender in the global cinematic community.

Zeba Bakhtiar is a well known actress, her first role in a feature film was in Raj Kapoor production’s cinematic classic Henna in which a camera-shy Zeba played the title character. Zeba attained critical as well as commercial success with her film Sargam (1995), winning the Nigar Award prize for her role. Zeba’s acting career allowed her to work with and learn form some of the best directors and producers in both Lollywood and Bollywood.

CEO, Azaan Sami Khan, son of Adnan Sami Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar, Azaan was born into celebrity. His talents were identified early on his career. At the age of thirteen he directed his first short film that was screened at the South East Asian Film Festival.