Operation O21 Official Trailer Featuring Shaan And Amina Sheikh

Operation 021 is an upcoming Pakistani spy Action thriller film directed by Summer Bodhi Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar, Azaan Sami Khan. It’s Pakistan’s first Spy Action Thriller movie[4] and currently in a final stage of production.

The film, produced by One Motion Pictures, is based on a screenplay by the international award winning writer, Summer Bodhi Nicks. Zeba Bakhtiar is the film’s executive producer and the lead roles are played by Aamina Sheikh, winner of the best actress prize at the New York International Film Festival, the renowned actor Shaan Shahid who has received kudos through countless Pakistani blockbusters, and Iman Ali.

Story is based on real life events including bombing of NATO tanks in Afghanistan. All the latest technology and gadgets are used to make the film an international level Spy-Action Thriller of Pakistan. The idea of this movie is to give a new genre to Pakistani cinema that has not been experimented seriously.