Pakistani audience don’t like Intimate scenes: Fawad Khan

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, who has been in news for refusing to be a part of the movie Battle of Bittora opposite Sonam Kapoor, recently revealed that he refused to play the role partly because of the intimate scenes in the film.

Fawad shared that right he is not comfortable doing intimate scenes and added that he had made his views known on this before as well, reports the Dawn.

The Khoobsurat star added that he is not taking up such roles because it will not appeal to the Pakistani audiance and as he has to go back and work there, he cannot be a chameleon and change his colours.

In a recent interview with Filmfare the Kapoor and Sons actor said,

“See, doing intimate scenes is something I’m uncomfortable with right now. I’ve mentioned that a couple of times before as well. Because it will not appeal to the sensibilities of my audience back home. I have to go back and work there. I won’t be a girgit (chameleon) and change my colours just because I’m working here. Well, that’s my point of view.”

The man has more of old-world charm in him and he feels that what a romantic glance or an endearing holding of hands can convey, a full-blown sex scene or kissing scene can’t. We like Fawad’s old school idea of romance. Even one of Bollywood’s biggest star Salman Khan has belonged to a similar school of thought throughout his career and he has been damn successful despite the no-kissing.

Fawad Khan will be next seen in Kapoor and Sons, opposite Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Rishi Kapoor.