There are around about 400,000 followers of Qandeel Baloch on Facebook but like many celebrities it is mostly people who don’t like her much.

There was a lot regarding Qandeel in the media recently when she said that she would strip dance for Shahid Afridi if they won the match against India.


Well her page even got blocked when she uploaded a trailer of her strip dance in case Pakistan won the match.

Apparently the videos and posts Qandeel is sharing on her facebook page are making people very angry.

Here a few comments from people in response to her latest stunt that she pulled off.

“She must be arrested for spreading vulgarity,” insisted one Facebook user.

“You have spoiled the reputation of the Baloch people. You’re a fake Baloch. This is shamelessness at its peak,” another said.

“To all my Pakistani brothers, don’t get me wrong but… if Pakistan loses tomorrow, we lose respect, and if we win tomorrow, we also lose respect. Hahahahaha. By the way, don’t get me wrong haan,” said a third.

Qandeel Baloch dedicates dance to India on it’s victory in the T20 match against Pakistan:

We have seen in the past that Pakistan is not yet so liberal that condom ads can be openly shown and this video which was uploaded by Qandeel was another thing that proved the case.

Many actresses have used public forums to get attention and thus want to reach peaks. Qandeel is using the same strategy but attracting all the negative attention.

Well for once it is on everyone to guess whether what she wants as she has crossed limits not only for Pakistanis but also Facebook rules.

Qandeel seems to be very proud of what she does and she has appeared on many television shows and we all know what she is capable of.

Well most people would say she is capable of nothing but stupidity but according to her she is something big which in itself is stupidity.