Pakistani actress Sara Loren, saved from crowd

Even though Murder 3 went normal at the box office, the public demand for Pakistani actress Sara Loren is strong, mostly because of her sexy avatar in the movie.

News has it that Sara was in her vanity van getting ready for the interviews. What she didn’t know was that a crowd had started forming outside her van. There were a few in-house security people who couldn’t seem to manage to get the crowd to move. When it was time for Sara to come out, they were unable to escort her out of the van. As the crowd grew stronger and louder, the team had no choice but to ask Sara to stay in her van and wait before the team could get the crowd under control. Sara, who is new to the industry was quite worried as this was the first time she was encountering such a reaction.

The coordinators decided to call in the police for help since the enthusiastic spectators didn’t seem to want to move . Once the police came in and moved the crowd out, the studio gates were closed, entry was restricted and Sara was escorted to the studio where her interviews commenced.