Pakistani Actresses Who Tied The Knot At The Peak Of Their Career

It seems like the waves of marital bliss is taking everyone in its influence, as if the common man was not enough now even stars who are clearly perceived as more than just mere mortals seem to be affected by the heavy influence of marriage.

From Aiza Khan to Sanam Saeed and of course the lovely and vibrant Sanam Baloch; all seem to be quite in awe of married couples and are quite eager to tie the knot, just in case they pass the dreaded age of 30 and become labeled as “the new cougars of K-town.”

Even though 30 is clearly the new 20, by and large people from all genres and fields need to get married in order to avoid the harsh glare of society. That’s probably why these A-list actresses agreed to say the two life altering syllables “I DO”, so that they can have their cake and eat it too.

Aiza Khan is the sort of beauty women wish they were and men lust after. The perfect virginal beauty, this fabulous actress tied the knot with her co-star Danish Khan. An actress who was at the peak of her glowing and shining career, Aiza chose the marital path because clearly common sense told her it was the right time to settle down, in terms of career and marriage. Definitely giving her credit for more than looks, this actress has made sensible moves in every aspect of life.

Clearly impressed with her subtle yet undeniably smart moves, Sanam Saeed and Sanam Baloch both followed suit. Both were A-list actresses who were given back to back hits and scoring accolades of appreciation not to mention endorsements along the way as well. However, love is clearly blind as is the heart. Tying the knot for them for as simple as waking up one eventful morning and going to “Natasha’s” to get all dolled up; only to come out and attend their own wedding. Such is the power of marriage and such is the intensity of true love.

At the end of the day, no matter how high you climb, you always want someone to share your highs and lows with, and these three stunning damsels have made the monumental leap in 2014, by taking the final plunge and committing themselves to a lifetime of utter and delicious bliss. Here is hoping that 2015 will get actresses like Aisha Khan and Maria Wasti to do the same and finally say the two most beautiful words in the history of English; “I DO.”
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Author – Rabia Ahmed