Acting is one of the demanding professions and it has its dangers that tag along once you are a stage where the working hours a lot and it requires travel. There are also on set incidents that stars like Mahira and Mawra had to come across but they were less severe and left them scratch less.

However, there were also some unfortunately road accidents that were faced by celebrities during the past year.

Lets tell you which celebrities had to go through the unfortunate circumstances during the year 2015:

Moomal Khalid and Shahzaib Magsi

This unfortunately turned out to be the worst of accidents at the start of the year and Moomal Khalid sustained severe injuries and her fiancee Shahzaib Magsi passed away as a result of the accident.

Get well soon @moomalkh she had an accident Last night Do pray for her.😞 – #momalkhalid

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Recent clicks of momaal from hospital. She is out of danger now😊 – #momalkhalid #getwellsoonmomal

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Hamayun Saeed

One big name in the Pakistani acting industry faced a terrible accident while he was shooting in Bangkok. Not only was the actor injured but the crew also were hurt as a result of an accident of the vehicle with a double Decker bus.

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One name from the theater industry that went a terrible accident when she was travelling from Sahiwal to Lahore. The accident to wife of actor Arbaz Khan not only injured her but it also resulted in death of Khusboo’s brother.


Babar Khan and Sana Khan

The couple was married for a mere 4 months when they had a terrible accident which resulted in Sana Khan’s demise and Babar Khan remains quiet about it till date.

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Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman

This accident happened most recently with both the stars sustaining injuries while they were making their way to Hyderabad on car. Fortunately no life was lost and both stars were on recovery with Ayesha also talking to her fans recently through social media.