Pakistani Celebrities From Fat To Fit

Celebrities come and go but one thing that remains if one is able to make a name is how they looked before they made it onto the big screen and how they look currently. We will be listing a few of those below:

1. Hira Mani

One of the celebrities you often find on the television screen for her appearance in morning shows, decided that she wanted to lose some weight and from the picture below one can imagine she succeeded a bit if not completely.

2.Mishi Khan

Mishi Khan is amongst the diverse lot present in the industry working as show host, singer and even a producer. Mishi was able to lose 28 kilograms after she was away from the screen for quite a while. During the time she was on television she started to gain. Here is her look before and after:

3.Juggan Kazim

Morning shows have been a part of this celebrity and she is one who has won hearts of many. Juggan went through a three month diet plan during which was able to reduce her weight by 10 kgs.

4.Adnan Sami

Truly amazing is the weight lost by Adnan Sami who touched almost 206 kgs and now has lost about 130 kgs. At one point in time, it was hard for him to even walk and had custom dresses made for him:

5.Sadaf Umair

After becoming a mother, Sadaf was particularly finding it difficult to maintain her body. However, she took the cause seriously which resulted in her losing 10 pounds.

6.Ushna Shah

Ushna Sha was chubby but now her appearance on screen shows her weight loss.

Waqas Tanveer

Who do you think lost more weight??

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