Imtiaz Ali is undoubtedly one of the emerging names if not yet the big names in the Indian film. Anyhow he has habit of carving news ways in Bollywood with his different projects thus far. Imtiaz in a renowned he actor, director, screenwriter and producer.


Imtiaz talking about his early life explains that he was not able to shine in the field of sports or studies. Infact, mathematics seemed to be a nightmare for him. “I realised I was good at practically nothing,” he says. However, after failing at school once he was able to find a way and realize what the wanted.

“My father always showed me the bright side of things. His support helped me regain control of myself. I began to do well in studies and even in the playground. A time came when I stood first in my college.” Imtiaz is of the view that one’s notion of self changes with success and failure. “My failures made me what I am today. Back in Jamshedpur no one imagines my sort of career prospects and neither did I.”

Initially writing a few lines here there and started to enjoy poetry and along with his friends directed skits in school. “We used to tell each other, ke tu esay dialogue bol, tu esay expression de. That is how it all started for me and that is how it is, unfortunately, even today,” he adds.

Answering the question as to why he said unfortunately in the previous line, he said “Because I sometimes feel had I been writing and directing for others, the journey would have been much easier and I would have ended up making more, both films and money.”

The eye catching thing about Imtiaz’s movies are the fact that they incorporate social and moral values. They have an element of the modernization of the world and compare it with the old one. “Yes this is true but in Rockstar, Jordan never did. I am glad you mentioned that. I don’t do this deliberately. I do not intend to instill any moral standards through my films but then I can also not refute the idea that cinema is the most influence moral science textbook for the younger generation. I do pay attention to simple things… for instance my characters do not smoke because I think kids will see that and take influence,” he states

Imtiaz answering a question said that if you feel the need to complete an incomplete feeling scene then altering the script during the course of the project is fine. Some of the writers now days put in a character like themselves but Imtiaz says that none of his characters thus far have been like him. Imtiaz in among those who finds flaws in his own work quite quickly. The reason that he gives it that he wants to keep on improving. For Imtiaz film making is a heart touching and personal experience.

In one of his recently movies, Tamasha he chose Javed Sheikh as for his character and said that the role perfectly matched him it was from Lahore. Imtiaz is working with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika for the second time in this movie.

The director like many other Bollywood stars has all good things to say about Pakistan. “I think Pakistan has a certain level of aesthetics in everything whether it is poetry, music or language”.

Regarding the future position of Pakistani cinema he had this to say, “It is happening. For instance Na Maloom Afraad has done so well. You should import films but have your own cinema too. You can tell how the industry is progressing by the number of theatres opening up.”