We have heard alot of news lately relating to the fact that stars are going from Pakistan to work in Bollywood movies. However, this news is different as we are telling you that an Indian actor will be staring in an upcoming movie, Actor in Law which is Pakistani.

Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza will be directing and producing the movie respectively and the will be starring Om Puri from across the border.

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The star has been travelling to Pakistan frequently and it will surely be a big step as a Bollywood star works in Pakistan. Fizza had this to say in relation to the movie:

“Yes, Om Puri is part of the cast and we have already started filming.”

Om Puri had this to say, “I didn’t know this team personally when I was approached for the film. But I was aware of the fact that Pakistani films have improved a lot,” he said. “Fizza and Nabeel came up with a very unusual script. The whole team is very talented.”