Pakistani Movie ‘Manto’ Review

The upcoming Pakistani movie after the title of one of the most celebrated literary figures of sub-continent, ‘Manto’ could be the best Pakistani biographical drama film, releasing on September 11 across the country.

A sort of biopic movie about Saadat Hassan Manto, the legendary short story writer, would be getting his much awaited recognition via the industry which has been struggling for revival.

The movie portrays suffering, struggling for survival and the uncongenial circumstances faced by the writer during the post partition seven years.

Manto’s life has been depicted in such a way that will make you feel the real colour of his life descent into a dark pit hole of the irony of fate. The film features with drama, reflection of love, empathy and tragedy replete in a callous fabric of reality from the bygone days. The plot revolves around Manto’s most controversial fictional works that caused him faced allegations of propagating obscenity.

The Babar Javed presentation ‘Manto’ has been directed by the versatile artist Sarmad Sultan Khosat also playing the central role as Manto. The way he adopted and portrayed the character of Manto will surely make the viewers forget that it is merely a movie. The dialogues of the movie are taken from Manto’s short stories such as Thanda Gosht, License, Madari, Hatak, Peshawar se Lahore and these lines will give the story such strength sufficient to make it a superhot movie.

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The songs of the movie recorded in utmost gloom will give you realization of atrocity and guilt.

As far the cast of the movie, experience and talent will add icing on the cake as it includes: Sania Saeed (Manto’s wife Safiya), Saba Qamar (Noor Jehan), Mahira Khan (Madaran), Shamoon Abbasi (Talchan Singh), Faisal Qureshi, Hina Khawaja Bayat, Nimra Bucha, Savera Nadeem, Adnan Jaffar, Nadia Afghan, Irfan Khoosat, Afraz Rasool, Yasra Rizvi, Tipu Sharif, Muhammad Hanif (Guest Appearance as writer).

On the whole, although the movie might not be containing all the features necessary for making the masses love it, the movie will definitely show the real face of contemporary society via the eyes of Manto.