Pakistani film industry is one which is rising to new heights with every passing day. The hard work that every single personality is putting is for sure a commendable. Pakistani singers have already been part of revolutionizing Pakistani singing industry.

As the film industry is looking at new faces for the upcoming films, the singers of Pakistan can also be strong contenders. Pakistani singers not only have voices but they also have what it takes when it comes to looks. Ali Zafar, Farhan Saeed, Meesha Shafi and Ali Azmat have already shown the talent they possess in the films they have worked. Here we will list down Pakistani singers who are a good choice to consider in casting for movies.

Qurat-ul-ain Balouch

QB has not disappointed her fans ever. She has always been on top and fan favourite when it comes to her looks. Not only this but her live performances have won the hearts of many which makes us believe she can surely rock on the film screen too.

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Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad is making is stepping into Bollywood with the inaugural movie Rythm. The diverse musician surely has a lot installed in him and can be a useful asset for the film industry.

Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy has been the fan favourite too and won many hearts. He has been seen acting on the commercials and seems to be a strong performer when it comes to acting.

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Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa has established herself among the big names when it comes to singing in Pakistan. She has also been able to attract quite a lot of attention due to the looks that she has. Her fashion and dressing surely make her an exciting prospect if she was to step into the film industry.

Humera Arshad

Humera was in the limelight a few years ago but then vanished however she is seen every on and off on the screen. As she is taking a break from singing, acting looks a good option for her.

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Annie Khalid

Annie is also one of those singers who got a lot of recognition through her a few songs but then she was not seen on screen. However, with the moves and looks that she has, she can surely kill it working in a movie.

Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal with the looks that he has can surely play a leading role. Shiraz is surely a big name in the industry with his countless songs as well as compositions.

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Faakhir Mehmood

Wining hearts of not only Pakistanis but also Indians, Faakhir seems to be among those who don’t seem to age. Faakhir looks pretty much the same he looked years ago and can still be the lead in movies for a few years.

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Raheem Shah

With the Pashto film industry starting to revolutionize, Taheem Shah can be a very intriguing character in films as he has surely cemented his position in the hearts of many.

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Adil Omar

Adil has been lucky enough to have worked with some big names. But calling it a day on rapping and acting woould surely benefit as he would give some young blood to the industry.


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