Pakistani Women On Screen Are Being Humiliated: Nauman Ijaz

Nauman Ijaz is a name that clearly requires no introduction. A force to reckon with, Ijaz is a season actor who has been around for quite some time now. Even though he initiated from humble beginnings, today he is an institution within himself. A private person by nature, Ijaz rarely gives interviews if any at all, however, the way women are being portrayed in our dramas currently is something that is clearly distressing the actor to the point of voicing out his qualms and reservations.

Nauman’s feedback about the airing of Pakistani dramas on Indian channels was quite surprising:

“Indians are currently enjoying our dramas, but I wonder for how long. Pakistani women on screen are being humiliated. It’s high time we show the issues of women empowerment on the TV.”

There was once a time when Pakistani dramas were considered the creame of the crop, not just in our industry but internationally as well. Our neighboring counterpart might have the upper hand in the realm of movies, but it was Pakistan that was considered unparalleled when it came to dramas and sitcoms.

However, gone are the days when drams like “Family Front” “Fifty Fifty” and “Alpha Bravo Charlie” used to grace the small screen, today soaps like “Mera Susraal” and “Daraar” are highlighting women being tortured and tormented to no avail. From a two timing cheating husband who inadvertently catches the eye of an assertive “modern” working girl, to a mother in law whose soul vendetta in life is to free her perfect son from the “clutches” of her subservient daughter in law (who by the way wants nothing more than to please the perpetrator in question); to an obnoxious and malicious daughter in law who gets a twisted high from watching her poor brother’s wife go through life drowning in tears. It seems that Pakistani dramas are getting TRP ratings by showing women get tormented and tortured to the point of no return.

It’s a worrying situation to deal with when the only thing that masses by and large seem to enjoy is watching a woman go through verbal, mental and physical abuse of the highest order. The fact that most of the viewers watching these soaps are housewives is an extremely disconcerting fact.

Ijaz is quite taken aback by the sort of content that is being aired on various local networks, merely, for the sake of TRPs and ratings. The fact that our dramas are now being aired across the border as well is something that should get directors to sit up and take notice. After all, do we really want to portray ourselves as a nation that thrives on causing anguish to the fairer sex?
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Author – Rabia Ahmed