Pakistan’s tattoo industry- My Pitch Black!

When we think about Tattoo we can hardly imagine a country like Pakistan! But guess what things have changed and more and more tattoos are being done in Pakistan! Pitch Black Ink, is Pakistan’s first tattoo company headed by Tattoo artist Zohaib Amjad Butt, in Lahore, Pakistan.

Before answering his true calling as a tattoo artist, Zohaib served for a while in the armed forces. He quickly realized that his true passion lay in decorating the temple that is the human body; he considers the art of inking holy. A tattoo is permanent and stays on the skin forever. Hence, the concept behind the tattoo should be relevant to the recipient for the rest of their life. Aside from execution of a design, Zohaib is also actively involved in the creative process: from zeroing in on the concept; to helping clients come up with a design that translates what they want: and execution of the completed design.

Zohaib Amjad is Pakistan’s premiere tattoo artist. Working out of his own well-equipped and well-maintained studio in the commercial heart of Lahore, he is responsible for inking hundreds of individuals for life. His genre of work includes but is not limited to Tribal, Celtic, Portraits, Shaded and 3-D artwork.

When asked about the hygienic procedures, Zohaib stated, “The procedure is that we first trace the design then paste it on the skin then the ink is pierced into the client’s skin (second layer of skin) with a needle. It’s completely hygienic because a new needle is used for every client and the old one is disposed off.”