Pictures of Bollywood actresses who recently turned mothers

Gone are the days when actresses career was over when she decided to get married. Now a days actresses even have babies and continue to work in Bollywood. Take a look at the Bollywood actresses who turned into mothers.

Aishwarya Rai : Delivered her baby in November 2012. She was in the watchful eyes of media after she gaining weight post her pregnancy. But now she is back in gorgeous self. And is looking more prettier with baby Aradhya Bachchan in tow.

Lara Dutta : Married famous tennis player Mahesh Bhupati in Feb, 2011.Lara Dutta gave birth to her child on 20th of January,2011. The couple named their baby girl Saira. Lara Dutta was recently seen in the movie David. She is also working in 2 other films as of now.

Amrita Arora : Married business tycoon Shakeel Ladakh. And they have been blessed with 2 boys Azzan and Rayaan. Rayaan being the recent one. At a recent launch of a store called Nazakat, she was spotted in strapless striped jump suit looking beautiful.

Celina Jaitley : Married Austian businessman Peter Haag. She gave birth to twins Viraaj and Winston. Again she too was under media’s scrutiny when she delivered her baby boys. She delivered her babies in 6 months after her marriage with peter which many speculated the reason behind the marriage. Celina totally denied this allegations telling that it was just a case of pre- birth.

Shilpa Shetty : Married UK business man Raj Kundra. They had a child together Vivaan. She lost all her weight in a very quick time. And is looking beautiful. She was recently spotted cheering with her son for her team in IPL.