‘Piya Mann Bhaye’ Another Husband-Snatching Tale!

Bashar Momin fans are probably hopping around in impatience, waiting for the return of Ushna Shah, or as the official page so eloquently states, ‘Bashar Ki Rudaba’s’ return! Alas that may be the only thing that captures our attention. The show on Geo Entertainment, written by Asma Sayani, directed by Ali Faizan and produced by A&B Entertainment, may prove to be less than inspiring.

As the promos were revealed, we saw unfolding, another cliché story about an ‘evil’, uncaring sister attempting to steal the spouse of her more innocent and less assuming sister! Ushna Shah will play the terrible sister Haniya; a spirited, defiant young woman who experiences no remorse as she moves in her quest to grab her sister’s husband, just because it appeals to her ‘dil’! Her poor ‘naik’ sister is bewildered and upset as all she ever wanted was a loving muhabbat karne wala shohar.

A new face in the industry, Shehzeen Rahat plays the role of Haniya’s younger sister. When she soulfully declares to her unruly sister, “Tum aapi ka dulha bhi mat chura lena.” It is obvious she is just adding fuel to the fire and that is exactly what Haniya intends to do!

Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed