Priyanka Chopra is one of the versatile and amazing actress in the Bollywood who has made a big name for herself. The actress has also been known for her singing skills. Priyanka has won countless awards and is also known worldwide and has sung a song alongside Pit-bull.

The actress recently stared in Bajirao Mastani and also did a project in USA. She was asked as to what would she do if offered to work in Pakistan and she had this to say:

“If I get a chance, I would be very happy to star in a Pakistani film.”

Upon asking if she found Pakistani actors more good to work along compared to Indian co stars she said, “Abhi tum larwao gay (you will create a conflict).”

Furthermore she said that it was the governments who should solve issues and that she working in a Pakistan film would depend on what she is offered in the role.

“It is very difficult that this responsibility is put on the shoulders of artists. This is government’s problem. It depends on them to solve it. Artists can only bring countries together… This responsibility should be on us as people, on government. Whatever artists do they do for art and art goes to the whole world.”

“My films don’t depend on heroes. My character should be good, great story. I do films for entertainment, I am an entertainer, a performer, so I would like to do a good film.”