Item Numbers No Different Than Mujras: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Pakistan’s renowned TV and film actor Hamza Ali Abbasi who creates a lot of social media buzz remarking on each and everything on his Facebook page recently opened up about his dislike for ‘item numbers’ in locally produced films.

In a recent interview with BBC, Abbasi elaborated upon his dislike for the trend which is considered a necessary part for the success of Bollywood and Lollywood films.

During the interview, Abbasi compared such item numbers with the vulgar mujras in Punjabi theatre by saying that in such numbers a scantily dressed woman dances on lyrics of a vulgar song.

“There is no difference between such songs and the mujras of Punjabi theatres”, remarked Abbasi.

He, however clarified that he has nothing against actresses attempting such songs in movies while extending apologies to all who are hurt by his remarks.

“One cannot point fingers on someone’s personal life but movies are a public thing and are supposed to represent the culture of country,” said the ‘Pyare Afzal’ actor.

Abbasi maintained that he is not running some sort of ‘Ghairat Brigade’ as such moral police interferes in people’s personal lives while movies are for general public and should be produced keeping in view our cultural values.

“But I am not against songs, music is a part of our culture.”

The ‘Waar’ actor even rejected the notion that the Mehwish Hayat item song contributed in the huge success of local blockbuster ‘Na Maloom Afraad’.

Abbasi was of the view that producers, directors, distributors along with censor board are responsible for the ‘mess’ as they pass such songs.

When asked about the validity of his objection in case the actresses attempt such songs willingly, Abbasi repeated that none has the right to point fingers at someone’s personal life but film is a public affair.

Few days ago the actor announced on his facebook account that he was tremendously proud of actor-model Zhalay Sarhadi for not “taking off her clothes” in Jalaibee.

The actor made a statement about the recently released crime-caper film on his Facebook page.

Abbasi said he was also proud of director Yasir Jaswal for not carrying an ‘item number’ in the movie.
The actor appreciated Jaswal for not going along with the emerging trend of revealing item numbers in Pakistani films. Hamza’s statement came a day after teaser of Ayesha Omar’s item number made headlines.

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